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It is all about the golf course! Pasatiempo is widely recognized to be among the finest golf courses in the country. It is a classic course that forces players to think and use every club in their bag. It was the home course of golf’s most acclaimed architect Alister MacKenzie, who is also known for his creations at nearby Cypress Point, Augusta National, Royal Melbourne, Lahinch, and many other world renowned courses. With ocean views on many of the holes and outstanding weather that allows year-round play, Pasatiempo is a "must play" for serious golfers.

    Download the Pasatiempo Membership Guide PDF – How to become a member!

Pasatiempo is owned by its shareholders, who enjoy unrestricted access to the historic course seven days a week. Pasatiempo’s full equity membership, nominal transfer fees and low annual membership fees set it apart from most private golf clubs. There is no waiting list, no "membership committee" or transfer approval process - shareholders may sell their shares to whomever they like, ensuring that Pasatiempo always has an open and diverse membership. Most play at the course is by members, but public golf is permitted during certain hours.

How Does One Become A Member Of Pasatiempo Golf Club?

There are two steps to acquiring golf membership and playing privileges: (1) purchase a share of stock in Pasatiempo, Inc., and (2) purchase annual playing privileges, which are available to shareholders only.

Pasatiempo Inc. owns the golf course and its related facilities. Currently, there are approximately 415 outstanding shares that are traded privately. Individual shareholders set the price for the share, and handle all aspects of the negotiation and sale. To get information regarding the price of shares currently for sale contact Pasatiempo’s General Manager, Scott Hoyt.

When an agreement has been reached, the Pasatiempo General Manager assists with the stock transfer.

Only shareholders may purchase an annual golf membership. Currently the annual fee is $6,190 (includes $1150 capital fee) for an individual and $8,715 for an individual and playing spouse, plus $825 per golfing child.* There are no monthly dues and no food minimums. Members enjoy a discount on all pro shop purchases. Annual members may also participate in any of Pasatiempo's five in-house golf clubs: men’s, seniors, women’s 18 hole, women’s 9 hole, and couples. These clubs host a variety of social functions, as well as golf tournaments locally and abroad.

Want to "test drive" Pasatiempo? We offer a fabulous Trial Membership program.

What Fees Are Collected When A Share Changes Hands?

The share seller only pays an administrative fee of $1000. By comparison, many private golf and country clubs charge far more. Transfer fees of up to 50% of the sale price are common.

New shareholders pay no administrative fees. However, when a shareholder first purchases annual playing privileges, they must pay a one time new member capital fee of $10,000.*

*Pasatiempo’s fees and rules regarding share sales and annual golfing privileges are updated from time to time and subject to change without notice. Please contact Scott Hoyt for the most recent applicable fee structure. Annual fees are reduced if you pay cash/check.

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