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Can a golf course exist in harmony with its natural surroundings? At Pasatiempo, we believe that a golf course that acts responsibly can actually improve the environment. By providing green, open spaces in a residential area for wildlife and making extra efforts to preserve the habitat for wildlife. By providing a place for golfers of all ages to walk and enjoy nature — Pasatiempo is a fabulous course to walk, and the majority of golfers at Pasatiempo walk the course, taking advantage of our temperate climate and gently rolling terrain. And by maintaining the course with an awareness that we aren’t simply running a golf course, we’re a steward for the land that we work and play on here every day.

We’re proud of our certification from Audubon International as a Certified Audubon Cooperative Sanctuary, an achievement we obtained in 2002.This certification means that Audubon International has reviewed our Site Assessment and Environmental Plan, and found that our course meets environmental management standards in the areas of:

Over the years there have been various approaches to control the weeds and overgrowth in the canyons and barancas. None of the approaches has been as efficient and green as the 175 goats we brought on to our property in the fall of 2010. As we look to restore the look more common during the MacKenzie era, one of the features that has been lost is the stunning, rugged definition of the canyons. Throughout the years, the steep, jagged edges have all been covered up by extensive overgrowth. Introducing the goats into the canyons began the extensive cleanup. There is a long list of benefits with regard to using goats instead of manual labor. Some of these include:

Nor have our efforts stopped simply at becoming certified. Our current projects include:

Learn more about the Audubon Cooperative Sanctuary Program for golf courses by visiting:

Learn firsthand about local birds and see for yourself what Pasatiempo is doing for wildlife by participating in our annual Bird Walk.

Contact Francine Moody at for more information.

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