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Please contact our general manager Scott Hoyt for high-resolution (4368 x 2912 pixels), press-quality versions of these images. Subject to Conditions For Use below.

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Conditions For Use Of Photographic Material

1. Photographer's credit must accompany each use of the material. Unless otherwise agreed upon, any image(s) used must be specifically identified regarding location and content, and as being at Pasatiempo Golf Club. Suggested minimal attribution is "Rob Babcock/Pasatiempo Golf Club".

2. All photographs and rights herein, including copyright, remain the sole and exclusive property of the photographer and Pasatiempo Golf Club. Any additional uses require the prior written agreement of Pasatiempo Golf Club, on terms to be negotiated.

3. Recipient will not make or permit any alterations, additions, or subtractions (other than cropping and resizing) in respect of the photograph(s), including any digitalization or synthesization of the photograph(s) unless previously agreed to by the photographer and Pasatiempo Golf Club.

4. Recipient will supply Pasatiempo Golf Club with two copies of each use of the photograph(s). Send to: Scott Hoyt, Pasatiempo Golf Club, 20 Clubhouse Road, Santa Cruz CA 95060

5. Photograph(s) provided for non-commercial use only.

About These Images

Each image is delivered in a .zip archive and is approximately 5-6 MB. The image itself is approximately 4368x2912 pixels (12.7 megapixels) saved in JPEG format, highest quality 10 setting (PhotoShop CS2). sRGB colorspace. RAW capture from Canon 5D, converted to Photoshop format using Adobe Camera Raw. Local contrast enhancement sharpening done (USM setting of 20/50/0) followed by minor cleanup and color correction. The final image is "lightly" sharpened using the Unsharp Mask filter with a setting of approximately 175/.4/0. Depending on your use and any downsampling you might do, you may want to apply further sharpening.

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