Scorecard and Local Rules

Pasatiempo features four sets of tees; the hole yardages and handicap assignments for each set are shown below. Please note that the par and handicap values for the Forward tees are different than those for the Championship and Middle tees.

Course Rating and Slope

The course rating and slope values for Pasatiempo are:


  • Gold — 72.4/141
  • Gold/White Combo — 71.3/135
  • White — 70.8/134
  • White/Green Combo — 69.6/133
  • Green — 68.9/130


  • Green — 73.4/135
  • Hollins (Red)  — 67.2/117
  • Green/Hollins combo - 68.8/120
  • White - 75.9/142

Course handicap tables are posted outside the pro shop or you can use the USGA Course Handicap Calculator to determine your course handicap.

Local Rules

USGA Rules of Golf and the following Local Rules Govern All Play:

  • Out of Bounds is defined by the inside points at ground level of white stakes, perimeter fences, paved perimeter roads and culverts on holes #2, #5, #6, #8 and #9. The paved road between #10 and #16 green is considered an immovable obstruction.
  • Embedded Ball: Lift and clean through the green. No penalty.
  • Ball striking elevated power line near the 6th tee must be replayed. No penalty.
  • Staked Trees and Tree Wells: Player must drop within one club-length of the nearest point of relief no nearer the hole. No penalty.
  • Provisional Ball (Water Hazard): Holes #10, #11, #12, #16 and #18. To avoid delay, a player may elect to play a provisional ball from the spot which the original ball was last played. A player may not obtain relief under Rule 26 once the provisional ball has been hit.
  • Distance Measuring Devices: GPS systems and laser range finders that are designed to measure distance only are permitted for use. Any devices which measures gradient, wind, etc. remains contrary to the Rules of Golf and the penalty is Disqualification.
  • Immovable Obstructions Close to the Putting Green: Relief from an immovable obstruction is permitted when obstruction lies within two club-lengths of the putting green and the ball lies within two club-lengths of the immovable obstruction and there is intervention on the line of play between the ball and the hole.
  • Damage to Golf Course Property and Surrounding Homes: Any damage that occurs during the course of play is the responsibility of the golfer who also agrees to hold Pasatiempo Inc. harmless from any such damages (i.e. broken window).
  • Use of any club, other than a putter, on the green surface, is prohibited.

Course Records

Par 70 Course Record 62 — Shawn McEntee (March 19, 2001)

Par 71 Course Record 63 — Ken Venturi (November 2, 1953) 63 — Forrest Fezler (March 6, 1969) 63 — Brian Pini (November 27, 1980